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Beighton Nursery and Infant School
Beighton Nursery and Infant School


Children's University 

Sheffield’s Children's University (CU) Overview 

Children's University is an exciting national initiative that encourages and celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.

National research shows a clear link between participation in extra-curricular activities and academic progress and attendance.

Research in Sheffield shows that children who participate in out-of-school CU activities achieve better at Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, exceeding their estimated results.

You can find out more at Sheffield Children's University

Passport to Learning

As an incentive for the children, we sell ‘Passports to Learning’ on the Schoolgateway for £3.50.

Children use these passports as a tangible way to collect their learning stamps at all school clubs they attend as well as recognised clubs and activities in and around Sheffield.

Participation in clubs and activities is recorded on a register and submitted to the Children's University for collation.

The hours soon add up and result in certificates, badges and wonderful Awards Ceremonies!

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