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Home Learning Challenges

As schools have now closed to all pupils other than those of key workers, we know that you and your families will be feeling more than a little overwhelmed at the moment. We also know that the children and young people of our city still need education, entertainment and reassurance too and we, like many others, are here to help as much as we can with our Sheffield CU Challenges.

What are Sheffield CU challenges?

Sheffield Children’s University is all about encouraging participation in high quality learning beyond the classroom and during this uncertain time we want to continue to support you and our families to do this as much as possible. We think learning can happen anywhere and it should be challenging, rewarding and most of all, FUN! To ensure our children and young people can continue to learn and collect CU credits for their efforts, we have started to share some CU challenges that children and young people can complete at home.

Katie Hamshaw – Children’s University Sheffield

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Sheffield’s Children's University (CU) Overview 

We aim to deliver a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs as we have seen first-hand the benefits extra-curricular activities have on children’s confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

Children’s University is an exciting national initiative that encourages and celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.

National research shows a clear link between participation in extra-curricular activities and academic progress and attendance.  Research in Sheffield shows that children who participate in out-of-school CU activities achieve better at Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, exceeding their estimated results.


Children's commitment to learning is celebrated by recording children’s participation in all aspects of voluntary learning through an awards system.

One credit is awarded for each hour of learning that takes place in CU registered activities delivered at school or in the community, otherwise known as ‘Learning Destinations’.

These credits are then converted into awards:


          30 hours    =  Bronze Award

         65 hours    =  Silver Award

        100 hours   =  Gold Award


…and these continue right up to 1000 hours!



As an incentive for the children we sell ‘Passports to Learning’ in our School Office for £3.30.  Children can use these passports to collect their learning stamps at all school clubs they attend and recognised clubs and activities in and around Sheffield. 

Participation in clubs and activities will be recorded on a register and the hours will contribute to the Award Certificates and badges sent to them through school.



Bronze and Silver Award Presentations will be celebrated at school, however children who achieve their Gold Awards will be invited to a very special Award Ceremony held at the Town Hall or the Universities in Sheffield.



Each week, during Friday’s Celebration Assembly, ‘George’ chooses a child who is part of CU to spend a few days at home with. George chooses children who have impressed him in all sorts of ways.

The child will keep George until the following Wednesday when they will share during assembly, all the activities - and hopefully Children’s University clubs! - they have done with George.

Part of the fun is adding all the fun they had together, along with pictures or drawings, to George’s book so that there is a lovely record of all his adventures for everyone to see.

Who will be chosen next?!


*Ask your parent/carer for a ‘Passport to Learning’   

*Get your parent/carer up to sign the front page so that you can collect credits at School and Learning Destinations

* Take part in as many learning opportunities as you like offered by the school or in the community


*Purchase a ‘Passport to Learning’ for £3.50 and sign the front

*Recommend good organisations to us if they are not already CU Learning Destinations - we can pass this information on to the CU

* Come along to the CU ceremonies when invited and celebrate your child's success!


You might want to take part in a CU activity when you are on holiday, in another part of the country or in a Local Authority that boarders Sheffield.

All you have to do is download a diary sheet to take with you and complete it at the learning destination of your choice. Don't forget to get your passport stamped too!

When you get home just send the diary sheet(s) off to CU and they will add the credits to your total - simple!

Diary sheets can be downloaded HERE


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