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Computing Mission Statement 

At our school we see the teaching of Computing as an integral part of the school curriculum. We teach Computing through our half termly topics, teaching our children vital Computing skills through exciting and engaging cross curricular activities. 

Our school uses Purple Mash to support the learning of each strand of the Computing curriculum. Each child has a log in and password to use at school and at home meaning children can access their school work at home as a way of extending their Computing learning. Purple Mash also offers opportunities for children to complete cross curricular work, helping to embed their Computing skills at every opportunity.

All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and PCs to enhance children's learning. There is also access to laptops, digital cameras and interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Children are also taught about online safety as part of the Computing curriculum and all children in the school have helped to create an acceptable use policy to follow at school and away from school. At our school we actively promote the use of devices and online resources and teach children about online safety by actively modelling using resources appropriately. 

We also support parents and carers with online safety, working closely with our family of schools. We gather the thoughts of the children and parents and carers and address issues with workshops for both children and adults. This collaboration with our family of school and Sheffield Council's advisory online safety team means we are always offering support for children in school and looking for ways to support our local community. 

To further support the development of the Computing curriculum and to support Digital Literacy across our school, the children have access to iPads. Each iPad has a variety of apps for the children to use to support their learning across the curriculum.


 Computing Curriculum

Curriculum Map

Computing Across the Curriculum

At Beighton, computing is not just taught as its own subject, but it feeds into all areas of the curriculum. Computing is bought to life, making videos in English, coding beebots in maths, making algorithms in science and many more!

Below are some fantastic apps and websites that you can use to support learning across the curriculum.

  • Phonics with Phonzy (app)

  • Tiki Bear Phonics (app)

  • ABC pocket phonics (app)

  • Scratch junior (app) - Singing fingers (app)

  • Writers hat (app)

  • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (app)

  • Earthviewer (app)

  • Clicker sentences (app)

  • Mr Thorne's Spellbook (app)





 Computing Policy - Updated policy will be available by 20/3/20

Please click here to read our Computing policy.

Online Safety 

In February, all children at Beighton took part in a fabulous 'Online Safety Day'.

The aim for this was, Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.

The children helped to create a new acceptable use policy that they will follow at all times, both in school and out of school. Children were taught how to use the internet and our computing equipment safely.

An important focus for our Online Safety Day this year, was for children to become confident in dealing with unfamiliar/unsafe content online. Whether it be 'pop ups' or 'online chat', our children were taught the steps to follow to safely deal with situations.

Children in every year group discussed what information is safe to share and what information should not be shared with the online world. As well as this, they learnt about photographs and permissions. There was so many fantastic books shared, including Digiduck and Websters Email.

As part of Science and Computing week, we learnt about staying safe online. In Year One children helped to make a new acceptable use policy. This means we all know how to use the internet and our computing equipment in school and at home safely. Children in Year One also completed a circle time activity about staying safe online and made Online Safety information booklets on Purple Mash.

In Year Two children thought about what information they would feel comfortable sharing in a shop window at Crystal Peaks. Children decided that they should not share personal information with strangers in the shop window and that this should be the same rule when you share information online. We also read the story Digiduck and talked about the dilemma faced by Digiduck when he thought about sharing something mean about his friend online. All of this excellent learning meant that we could then help the characters in Hector's World to make sensible and safe choices and keep their personal information private. 




Coding Week

To celebrate Coding week, Y2 explored physical coding. We created code and a simple set of instructions to move different coloured bubbles around our piece of paper. Later on in the week we took our physical coding skills and applied them to lots of different coding activities on Purple Mash. Use your Purple Mash login to access 2 Code apps from home.



Science and Computing Week

In Orange Class we really enjoyed wearing our lab coats when working on our Science experiment and when we were working as Computing experts. Today we programmed beebots and directed them towards polar bears.  Below is a video of one of our first attempts this morning. Can you watch the video and then debug the program and rewrite it so the beebot reaches the polar bear? 
The program was:





Beebots from Beighton School on Vimeo.









Support for Parents and Carers

Purple Mash support

Online Safety Support 

Here you will find several resources, for both parents/carers and children that highlight some of the issues related to online safety. We hope you find them useful.

Parents & Carers:

Pokémon Go: a parent's guide -

Get Safe Online -

ChildNet International -

ParentsThinkUknow -


TeensThinkUknow -

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Our online display

Have a look at our online Computing display. Just scan the QR code to see what we have been learning.