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Throughout our school children learn to communicate and understand themselves and the world in which they live through the main areas of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is important at Beighton that children are excited by the language that they hear, see and use every day. Our English Curriculum content has been carefully planned and sequenced to meet the learning needs of the children within our school community.


At Beighton we believe that reading is the key to success in Education and strive to provide our children with a lifelong love of reading. Beighton is committed to ensuring that every child is given opportunity to master the skills of decoding in the Early Years and therefore become competent, fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One. We embrace a love of reading by ensuring that reading runs throughout the curriculum and the children are read to every day, read every day and have the opportunity to respond to their reading every day. Our children will be taught the skills for reading through our innovative systematic phonics programme Read, Write Inc.

Events such as World Book Day and Vocabulary Day have been memorable and exciting opportunities for the children to be inspired by a variety of texts and language.


At our school, it is important that the children’s imaginations are captured throughout English and the children have as many opportunities to become immersed in quality experiences and texts. At the start of a new teaching sequence for writing, the children are given opportunities to explore the vocabulary and form a connection with the text through a variety of drama and creative activities. It is important that children are excited by the context and have as many opportunities to orally practise the language that they need.

Children are then encouraged to analyse and investigate language so that they can develop the skills that they will need to support them in their learning as well as scaffolding further independent opportunities for learning across the curriculum.

At our school children are then encouraged to apply their skills learning to be able to plan, write and publish their communication in a variety of formats.

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