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English Mission Statement

Throughout our school children learn to communicate and understand themselves and the world in which they live through the main areas of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is important at Beighton that children are excited by the language that they hear, see and use every day. As a result English is linked across the curriculum so children have a variety of opportunities to communicate and express themselves.


At our school, it is important that the children’s interests are captured throughout English and the children have as many opportunities to immerse themselves in a particular context or book. At the start of a new teaching sequence for writing, the children are given opportunities to act out a particular text, hot seat different characters, and re-create the story through construction materials. It is important that children are excited by the context and have as many opportunities to orally practise the language that they need.

Children are then encouraged to ‘unpick’ and look closely at language so that they can develop the skills that they will need to support them in their learning as well as scaffolding further independent opportunities for learning across the curriculum.

At our school children then are encouraged to apply their skills learning to be able to plan, write and publish their communication in the format that is suitable for their age group.

Here is the Handwriting Presentation that was shown to parents at a Parental Engagement Workshops during October 2017.


Children are encouraged to read at least three times a week at home and at least once with an adult during school time. They also have opportunities to take part in group reads as a class, as well as sharing books during fruit and milk time and at the end of the day. During Reception and KS1, children also have a daily half an hour Read Write Inc Phonics session which enables them to learn the sounds that they will need to be able to sound out and blend the unfamiliar words.

Events such as World Book Day have been memorable and exciting opportunities for the children to be inspired by a variety texts. Please have a look at our English displays to see the creative English learning that has been taking place around school and our exciting learning from World Book Day.

Here is the Reading Presentation that was shown to parents at a Parental Engagement Workshop on 14th October 2019

English Curriculum 

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English Policies 

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News & Updates 

World Book Day

World Book Day was a huge success and definitely worth the wait after the snow. During the day we have shared our favourite stories, written book reviews and sketched our different characters. However the highlight of the day was our first catwalk show. Thank you to everyone that dressed up today and enjoy buying a new book with your book token.

Reading Areas

We are very excited about new reading areas in school. Each half term we will be reading books from a specific author and comparing their different texts. We will be learning about these authors so that we can spot other books that they write. Where do you like to read? Have you got anywhere unusual that you like to share a book?