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Parent Governor Recruitment

Statements of Interest

Scott Golland

I would like to put myself forward for consideration to fill one of the available Parent Governor roles. Having taken the time to read through both the Roles and Responsibilities document along with the recruitment letter I can meet all the required criteria suggested to be a success in post.

As requested, I have included a little about myself with what I believe I could bring to the role but would also be more than happy to provide any further detail, answer any questions or attend School for further discussion.

Alongside being a very proud Dad of Archie who attends your Nursery School, I am a Director and Independent Financial Planner as part of a reasonably sized, regulated financial planning company. I have grown up in S20 so attended Mosborough School, Westfield School, Peaks College, Sheffield Hallam University and even played for Beighton Magpies Football Club many years ago.

With this in mind, I have a number of strong local ties so have a vested ear to the ground in what it means to be a parent in the local community. As you would expect, my ‘day job’ involves being able to listen to the requirements of individuals/families, help plan and be able to articulate positive discussion to help meet those desired objectives in a way that is of comfort to those included. This ranges from younger generations through to older, multi-generational discussions including planning for business and corporations.

Naturally, this aptitude to Financial Management I would hope to be beneficial to the ‘Desired Attribute’ noted of a good understanding of Financial Management in the roles and responsibilities document. My working role also means that I have flexibility to be able support School on site as required in daytime or evening throughout the year. Prior to my directorship and current role, I also spend a number of years working in the telecoms industry specifically aligned to Schools/Colleges at the point of the Academy integration, which again meant helping IT managers with that transition and shift to being responsible for their own budgeting and spend allocation. My experiences gleaned in that regard would again I hope be of value to the School.

Over the years, I have also set up and been an active member of a number of Boards, Committees and Trusteeships. One of particular note being the ‘Chesterfield Dementia Action Alliance’ which was set up from scratch and culminated in me being fortunate enough to present and lead a training session to over 100+ attendees in Dementia Awareness week. I have also been part of the career fairs and career days for schools in Chesterfield.

I am very comfortable partaking in active discussions, public speaking and have spent a number of years as a mentor/coach to staff as part of my own organisations and wider business community, always with very positive feedback. I am a person who believes in taking positive action for the benefit of those around me in the community I serve, not just talking about what could or couldn’t be done.

As the famous New Zealand Rugby Team (All Blacks) promote, the purpose of being part of team is ‘to leave the jersey in a better place than where you found it whilst it is yours to wear’.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above and I hope very much to continue discussions soon.

Warmest Regards, Scott

James Henderson

Further to the publication of the vacancy for two Parent Governors, please accept this as my registration of interest for this role.

Little bit about myself….

I am early 30’s, married, two children at Beighton Nursey and Infant School with a 12day old baby boy too. We live local, and have been in the area a couple of years, prior to this we live just outside the area before settling down in Sothall.

 I work for a regional contractor, based in Chapeltown and hold middle management position as a Design Manager that entails the managing , coordination and tracking of general and key design matters to enable the works progress on multiple projects, by working as part of a teams and supporting colleagues to achieve and overcome challenges faced on projects. These skills I feel are very transferable to a school setting, in particular during these current testing times with challenges no one could of predicted.

I have some experience of the educational section through my job, having built several educational institutes over the past decade, and would welcome expanding this knowledge to become a valued member of the schools strategic leadership team and on a personal level for my children’s education.

Whilst predominately my background is within design field on the construction sector, I do have to be mindful of cost and thus are financially aware when reviewing and amending details to ensure the clients cost are achieved and no budget overrun occurs. Furthermore, my father is a Finance Director having worked his way up from being an accountant, with this he has instilled a meticulous financial demeanor , and still to this day I undertake my own financial book to track income and expenditure on a template he gave to be a decade ago.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly, and fingers crossed I can be part of the Governing Board with yourself and fellow members.

Warm regards