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Beighton Nursery and Infant School

Healthy Minds

School Healthy Minds is a school-based project which aims to support the emotional health and wellbeing of children, supported by Sheffield CAMHS.

It puts emotional resilience at the heart of children's health and wellbeing and recognises its impact on their learning, attainment, behaviour and future employability.

All members of our school community are considered within the HM initiative and project action plan.  These are our key priorities;

Priority 1 - Developing resilience & providing support with emotional & mental well-being in school.

Priority 2 - Mental health & emotional support and guidance for parents to improve outcomes for the family.

Priority 3 - Promoting a positive, supportive, reflective ethos across school, including well-being support for school staff.

Our Healthy Minds Champions

As part of our Healthy Minds Whole School Initiative we have a team of Healthy Minds Champions who work with the Healthy Minds Lead to look at ways to improve children’s health and well-being across school (Priority 1).

The Champions were selected through an application process and class vote.

As a result of our initial Healthy Minds Survey, which gathered child, parent and staff voice, we have planned and delivered a number of initiatives to improve outcomes across school.

Here are some of the Health Minds Projects we have delivered so far…

Well-Being Day

Everyone in school designed a t-shirt to include all things that made them feel happy.  Throughout the day children engaged in Well-being activities, including mindfulness colouring, yoga, nature walks, listening to music and even a lunchtime outdoor happy disco.

The ‘Importance of Sleep’ Project

We discovered that many children didn’t like bedtime, sometimes found it hard to get to sleep and parents found bedtimes difficult.

The Healthy Minds Champions created a film to share with the whole school.  We shared some of the reasons children didn’t like bedtime, researched and explained why sleep was so important and good strategies to use before bed to get a good night sleep.