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Beighton Nursery and Infant School
Beighton Nursery and Infant School

Beighton Bees

The Beighton Bees is the name of our School Council, which is made up of two children from each KS1 class.

The members are voted in by their class peers and are our ‘school voice’.

The Beighton Bees are involved with many aspects of school life, such as deciding how school funds are spent. They also help organise ‘Walk to school’ weeks, the termly Food Bank appeals, and much more!

They meet once a fortnight then share their discussions with their class.

Here are our 2023-24 Beighton Bees:

Year 1:

Blue Class: Holly & Max

Green Class: Layla & Jack

Red Class: Izzy & Maggie

Year 2:

Orange Class: Tilly & Jack

Turquoise Class: Lottie & Trixie

Yellow Class: Bree & Gabriella

Road Safety Week 

 Here are some highlights from previous years:  

  • Our green fingered Beighton Bees have returned to the Forest School and planted Lobelia. We can't wait to see them in flower!

  • The Beighton Bees and have been discussing what works well at our school and how it could be even better. They wanted to make sure everyone had a friend to play with in our playground so decided to have a 'buddy stop' displayed. They have researched the different signs and prices to get good value for money! Look out for it in our school playground.


It's wonderful to see how well our Beighton Bees are monitoring the new "Buddy Stop" in our playground. They have ensured children always have a friend to play with and no one is left by themselves! Great job Beighton Bees!

 Family of Schools Cake Sale

The Beighton Bees did a great job selling cakes, at Crystal Peaks on 27th March, to raise money for school funds. Well done to them and thank you to all of those parents and carers who baked or bought!