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Beighton Bees

The Beighton Bees is the name of our School Council, which is made up of two children from each KS1 class.

The members are voted in by their class peers and are our ‘school voice’.

The Beighton Bees are involved with many aspects of school life, such as deciding how school funds are spent. They also help organise ‘Walk to school’ weeks, the termly Food Bank appeals, and much more!

They meet once a fortnight then share their discussions with their class.

Here are our 2020-21 Beighton Bees:

Year 1

Red Class: Conor Murray & Emilie Pedder

Blue Class: Caelan Spencer & Willow Jones

Green Class: James Blackshire & Libby Vernon

Year 2

Yellow Class: Marnie Sayles & Oliver Marshall

Orange Class: Grace Taylor & Archie Fackerell

Turquoise Class: Issac Cramp & Mia Webster

Beighton Bees Meeting Minutes

17.3.20. The Beighton bees have their own School Council email account that we checked today.

We had one email from the School Council at Halfway that we read then responded to telling them what we have been up to this half term!

We also had a few emails from Mrs Wright and one from Mrs Havenhand about school lunches.

One of the emails asked us to think of some questions to ask bidders for the new school catering contract. We thought of a few questions and sent these off.

3.12.19 This week, the Beighton Bees looked at the poster entries for the Family of School Carol concert poster competition.  They all voted and collectively chose a poster made by Lexi-Mae Connolly.

19.11.19 Mrs Challoner shared the news that our school was a winning school for the Active Travel Challenge and that we have won a walk to school event with the Green Top Circus. The children discussed the best location for the circus to meet with children and staff. It has to be away from the school and near to a car park. They decided the Church car park might be a good idea so Mrs Challoner will contact the Church to ask if this is ok.

The children then helped count out all of the Active travel challenge badges and distributed them to the classes for the children who completed the challenge.

Finally, it was decided that we could have a poster competition in school to advertise the up and coming Family of Schools’ carol service. The Beighton Bees will decide on the winning poster from our school which will be sent to Helen Stokes and the communication group.

5.11.19 The Beighton Bees met and we attempted to access our own school council email so we could make links with our other family of school's school councils.  However, it would not work so we sent a message to our IT technician and try again next meeting.

We briefly talked about the Family of Schools Christmas carol service which will be held again this year at Crystal Peaks.  We have to design a poster to advertise it and send off to the Family of schools where a winning poster will be chosen. We will start these at the next meeting too.

9.10.19 The Beighton Bees had a look at their noticeboard and we looked at the previous Beighton Bees photographs and statements.  We all talked about what it means to be a Beighton Bee and they were asked to write a few sentences at home about why they think they have been chosen to be a bee and why they wanted to be one. 

We also discussed what would happen at the Rother Valley school council conference and what they would need. 

25.9.19 The Beighton Bees talked about the up and coming Active Travel Challenge.  They voted for what we could focus on as a school during this challenge and they chose to do a superhero mask Monday, a hide the pebble and find the pebble and an alphabet I-spy game.  The Bees also said that during the whole school assembly about the challenge, they would like to stand up and introduce themselves to the school.

17.9.18 The Beighton Bees met for the first time and we played a few games where we introduced ourselves to each other.  We talked about events that were coming up this half term including The School Council conference at Rother Valley and the Active Travel Challenge. The children also helped to vote for the menu to be made on school census day on the 4th October. The children voted for fish/ fish fingers.

It was also decided that they would like to hold a themed lunch and that would take place on Tuesday 5th November and would be linked to Bonfire Night.

 Until this year's Beighton Bees get going, here are some of our highlights from last year:  

  • Our green fingered Beighton Bees have returned to the Forest School and planted Lobelia. We can't wait to see them in flower!

  • The Beighton Bees and have been discussing what works well at our school and how it could be even better. They wanted to make sure everyone had a friend to play with in our playground so decided to have a 'buddy stop' displayed. They have researched the different signs and prices to get good value for money! Look out for it in our school playground.


It's wonderful to see how well our Beighton Bees are monitoring the new "Buddy Stop" in our playground. They have ensured children always have a friend to play with and no one is left by themselves! Great job Beighton Bees!

  • Our Beighton Bees are taking part in a playground design competition. They will be asking the children in their classes for ideas towards a design so we can then submit our favourite three. This is a national competition and the winning design will have it painted in their school playground for free!

  • We recently had a discussion as to what we think works well at our school and how it can be even better. The BB have requested more equipment to play with during lunch times. These have been shared with our sports and outdoor learning leaders, who have used some of their school budget to fund new resources.

  • A big thank you to the BB who volunteered to help our youngest children during lunch times in the school in the dinner hall. They modelled how to use the trays and cutlery so that they the children can manage more independently at school.

  • The BB spent their play times and lunchtimes sorting the post during Christmas time. This was very time consuming and the school staff appreciated their help very much. Our Christmas post box was full every day with cards sent throughout school, which the Beighton Bees sorted and posted to classes efficiently.

  • BB shared with their classes the importance of supporting 'Jeans for Genes day'. They reminded their classes to wear Jeans and contribute to the charity that supports and raises awareness of children with life altering genetic disorders.

  • Big Spring clean - during the first week of March our Beighton Bee's will take part in The Great British Spring Clean 2018. We are very proud of our school environment and look forward to taking care of it.

  • Our new planters in our beautiful Forest School were looking a little bare. Thankfully, our green-fingered Beighton Bees spent their own time planting daffodils and it looks fantastic.

  • On 12th February we had 'Safer Internet Day'. In preparation, the BB contributed to the school newsletter and thought of ways in which children at our school could stay safe online.

  • 'The Beighton Bees have been very busy in their role at school. They have put in an application to win some money to help buy things for our Forest School area and to help start up a Forest School afterschool this space.

  • The Beighton Bees have been granted the money they applied for. The application form was handwritten by Evan, so a big thank you to him. Well done Beighton Bees, super work. Miss Bastock'

 Family of Schools Cake Sale

The Beighton Bees did a great job selling cakes, at Crystal Peaks on 27th March, to raise money for school funds. Well done to them and thank you to all of those parents and carers who baked or bought!