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Outdoor Learning

At our school Outdoor Learning is organised to provide the children with a range of experiences outside of the classroom. Outdoor learning isn’t a single subject or class; it is an approach to learning which can be incorporated at appropriate times into every area of the curriculum. Outdoor Learning can provide a dramatic contrast to the indoor classroom. It enables children to learn through what they do, through what they encounter and through what they discover. Children learn about the outdoors, themselves and each other, while also learning outdoor skills. Active learning readily develops the learning skills of enquiry, experiment, feedback, reflection, review and co-operative learning. Being outdoors allows children and young people to engage directly with the environment through a direct, ‘hands on’ approach with challenges which cannot be offered in the classroom. Outdoor learning brings together many different areas allowing children and young people to ‘make connections’ on their learning journey.

Children will learn progressively about different places through exploration, play, direct experience of natural materials, the natural and built environment and through a series of planned and structured learning and teaching activities. They will learn about curriculum areas, for example studying the weather for science. Outdoor experiences take place through all seasons and in a wide range of weather conditions. Different outdoor learning experiences offer a breadth of opportunities for personal and learning skills development in areas such as communication, problem solving, information technology, working with others, creativity and thinking skills. These transferable skills are required to meet the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world. Being outdoors offers challenge and enjoyment through learning about different aspects of the curriculum in an engaging and relevant way.

Forest School

We have loved exploring our new Forest School area. We particularly enjoyed buildings dens and working together in the sand area. Take a look at some photos:




Fun in the outdoors

We love to take our learning into the outdoors. It helps us to concentrate and explore the natural environment around us. Take a look at some photos of us learning outdoors.

Ideas and Activities For Home

These websites are really useful, they give lots of different ideas and activities that you can do with your child outdoors.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Classroom Day

 Watch this space...Outdoor Classroom Day is Thursday 17th May, what will your class get up to?

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