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Beighton Nursery and Infant School
Beighton Nursery and Infant School


At the core of Beighton Nursery Infant School’s curriculum is the personal development and well-being of each child and we believe that good relationships are fundamental to our ethos and our success in being a happy, caring and safe school.

We have combined the statutory ‘Relationships and Health Education’ (RHE) with the non-statutory guidance for ‘Personal, Social and Health Education’ to form Relationships, Social and Health Education (RSHE). Through our well planned RSHE curriculum, we aim to provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place and where pupils can develop their confidence in talking, listening and thinking about theirs and others’ feelings, wants, needs and desires.  We aim to support and encourage our pupils to form and keep healthy relationships, and to help them develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy.

At Beighton Nursery Infant School we are committed to embedding RSHE throughout our ethos and this is done through regular school assemblies, dedicated curriculum time and lessons, our whole school Bee Rules, the zones of regulation, anti-bullying weeks and mental health awareness days amongst many more.

Our RSHE curriculum helps to promote and support children's personal, social and economic development, as well as their health and wellbeing. We want our children to learn and understand what it means to lead a healthy, confident and independent life, to become an informed, active and responsible citizen, and to achieve their personal goals.


Curriculum Overview