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Beighton Nursery and Infant School
Beighton Nursery and Infant School


It is vital that we work together to ensure good attendance and punctuality for all of our children. This will help children to develop to their full potential.

Good routines have to be established early and continued throughout a child's school life. If your child is unwell, please contact school on the first morning of illness so that we can record the reason for absence.

If your child is allocated a medical or dental appointment during school time you will need to inform your child's teacher and collect an Authorised Medical Absence slip from the office.

We strongly recommend that children should not be taken out of school during term time and you will be required to complete an Exceptional Absence Form for the attention of the Headteacher if you are thinking of doing so.

Only in exceptional circumstances might absences in term time be authorised as the criteria is very tight. On no account will any request be authorised during the first 2 weeks of term in September, during Y2 assessments throughout May or during Y1 phonics assessments in June.

Here's what the Local Authority want you to know...    

...and they want us to show you this Video

You can download an Exceptional Absence Form Here

Please note that if your child’s attendance falls below 90% you will be contacted by the Headteacher   

Here's the Celebration Bit!...

Each week in Friday’s Good Work Assembly a Trophy is awarded to the class with the best attendance the previous week. In addition the class get to look after our attendance teddy bear ‘Beighton Bear’ for the following week. The children get extremely excited about the award.

Here are the results from the Good Work Assembly on Friday 13/3/20 :

Lilac - 98.4%

Pink - 95%

Purple - 96%

Blue - 93.7%

Green - 99.3%

Red - 97%

Orange - 95.3%

Turquoise - 96.3%

Yellow - 99.1%

Well Done Green Class!

Great attendance reaps even more rewards!

At the end of every term we celebrate those children who have achieved 100% attendance during the term. They get awarded a certificate in assembly and a free pass to one of Sheffield's International Venues.

At the end of the school year those who achieve 100% attendance for the whole year receive a certificate, a voucher, a trophy and attend a very special lunch!