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Beighton Nursery and Infant School

Science Mission Statement

At Beighton, Science is exciting, thought provoking and practical.

The Science curriculum is organised to provide the children with a range of experiences to enable them to work scientifically, including practical experimentation, posing and testing ideas and organising fair tests.

In KS1, the curriculum is divided into the units several key areas. These are Animals Including Humans, Materials, Plants, Seasonal Changes and Living Things and Their Habitats. These areas are divided up to be taught where most appropriate alongside the current half term’s topic, to give context and real-life meaning to the children. Cross-curricular links are made with English and Maths.

In the Early Years, science is taught through Knowledge and Understanding the World, and focuses on making observations, noticing things around us, looking at similarities and differences and patterns and change.

Children are continually taught to discuss, question and communicate their findings effectively when completing Science work. Each year the school is immersed in a Science week with our Science investigations and findings shared in our Science museum in the school hall.

 Science Policy - Updated policy will be available by 20/3/20

Please click here to read our Science policy. 

 Science Week 2019

What a fantastic Science Week we have had!

We have taken part in so many exciting experiments ranging from exploding citrus fruits, testing which surfaces Mr Gumpy's motor car travels best on, looking at how clouds work using food colouring, water and foam. We have also tested what happens when we mix certain ingredients for 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We have learnt so much and we have loved it!

We even had a visit from the Science Boffins who put on an amazing assembly and fantastic workshops.